HSB runs under SAEF and FEI Rules and Regulations. To view these please visit the following Web sites:

HSB Rules

HSB Constitution Click here

HSB Rules Click here

South African Rules and Regulations

FInd South African Rules for Dressage here: South Africa Rules and Regulations

Find South African Rules for Endurance here: ERASA Constitution

Find South African Rules for Show-Jumping here: South African Show-Jumping

FEI Rules and Regulations

Find Rules & Regulations for Show-Jumping here: FEI Show-Jumping

Find Rules & Regulations for Dressage here: FEI Dressage

Find Rules & Regulations for Endurance here: FEI Endurance

Find Rules & Regulations for Veterinary Inspections here: FEI Vet inspections (instructions on correct trot-up on page 29, Article 1038)


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